Notes on Ordering

Dear Customer

Welcome to the most comprehensive dolls house web site and shop in Britain offering the widest range and the keenest prices ever. Just look at what we offer...


1 As well as many of our own miniatures we have included many thousands of items from all the other main catalogues - in some cases, the whole catalogue! This means that whilst many Dolls house shops charge for catalogues such as Hobby's or Streets Ahead, with us you get almost their entire catalogue free - and you only pay their original item prices! (In many cases - less, especially if you take advantage of our exclusive discount scheme - see below)

2 This means that if you only want a couple of items from the Wonham Collection for instance, you can buy from us and make your order up to carriage paid with items from other suppliers.

3 Don't forget our discount scheme! If you spend over £100 you receive a 5% discount off everything (unfortunately this does not include houses, basements and tables but does include sheds and conservatories). This means that you can receive a discount off of standard catalogue prices - this has to be a better deal than anywhere else! (the discount does not apply to items already on special offer).

At any one time we have many thousands of items in stock. However, since we sell everything from the Wonham, Streets Ahead and Hobby's catalogues, as well as several thousand of our own items, sheer space, as well as supplier availability determines that we may not have every item in all of the time. We try to keep every item from our own suppliers in stock, as well as all the most popular items from all the other catalogues. We also place orders at least once a week (usually on a monday morning) with all of our suppliers and re-order any items which are out of stock. If they have it in stock, we receive it within one week (usually quicker). IMPORTANT! THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU ORDER AFTER MONDAY MORNING YOU MAY MISS OUT ON THAT WEEKS DELIVERIES SO YOUR GOODS MAY NOT BE DISPATCHED UNTIL THE FOLLOWING WEEK.

NOTE: we do not send small items to follow - they are too difficult to keep track of. (There are occasions which may entail a longer wait, if we do not have them in stock, such as handmade items).

Sometimes we can substitute similar Items but only if you tell us this is ok.

Christmas- Every year we are inundated with orders near to Christmas. This has the obvious effect of adding more time for your order to be processed so please bear it in mind. At other times of the year, if an order is for a specific occasion such as a birthday, please let us know and we will do what we can to speed things up for you.

If you have problems ordering on the internet just send a standard e-mail to us and we can assist.

If you cannot find an item on our site using the code, you can use the manual ordering system and enter the model number, price and description from another suppliers' catalogue, yourself (we will check it here).

The Maple Street Team.