Dolls House Exhibition

Over the years one of the most frequent questions we have been asked is "What kind of decoration and furnishings are in keeping with the period of my dolls House". When they visited our shop many customers, especially those new to the hobby were overwhelmed by the huge selection of furnishings on offer and requested guidance as to what to look for.

To help customers, about ten years ago we decided to build some room boxes to illustrate examples of typical rooms within any given period - Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. Many visitors found the exhibits very helpful, and gradually the collection grew. Over the years we added to the exhibition, buying the dolls house museum at Petworth, the stunning collection from Dawn Lockyer and most recently, we have acquired the music in miniature exhibition of Patricia Labistour on permanent loan.

The display is fairly fluid - we are always changing, buying and selling exhibits, but we are confident that you will enjoy browsing round and pressing buttons (many displays light up), and the best thing is - it is FREE!

Why not visit us and take a look around?

Dave, Nikki and the Team!