The Victorian Cottage

Having attained the age at which a certain government department sends you a little book which entitles you to queue at your local post office once a week I decided there was going to be a bit cottage2.jpgmore to my life, so I treated myself to a Victorian cottage and basement!

After basic construction, extra walls and doors were added to allow all members of the household to travel from the public pavement to the attic via stairways and hallways without going outside or through private rooms in the house itself.

The flagstone basement consists of kitchen to the left and laundry room to the right all fitted with the latest appliances of the day. Whilst the ground floor sees us looking into a typical Victorian parlour and dining room with all the usual clutter.cottage1.jpg The first floor houses a large bedroom on one side and bathroom/toilet on the other and finally the attic rooms are fitted out to accommodate a child’s bedroom with space on the other side for a live in nanny.

As with our other house, the OLDE COACHING INN (shown elsewhere in this gallery) all exterior finishes were covered in authentic bricks, welsh slate and flagstones. Lighting was installed and guttering and drainpipes were also added for the final touch and we believe they make the house look extremely realistic!

As with our second house we loved every minute of it and I am afraid we have now well and truly got the ‘bug’!

Marion Godsafe, Ashingdon, England