The Olde Coach Inn

Having just completed my first dolls house (a Victorian cottage) I decided I needed a bit of a challenge and took a trip to Maple Street. There I found just what I was looking for – a superb Tudor Coachinpgodg.JPGg Inn! .

I decided early on that I did not want the property to be set only in the Tudor era – this would have been too constricting when it came to choosing lights and furniture. My house was going to combine the best features of both ancient and modern so the interior is set firmly in the modern era!

One side of the ground floor is a public house with a detailed bar (complete with happy customers!) whilst the other side has a old fashioned general store. The middle floor consists of a kitchen, restaurant and toilet blocks ( male and female!) and finally the top floor houses a games room, reading room and cloakroom.

godg.JPGWhilst we were building the kit we had a great idea and the chimneys were hollowed out to incorporate actual inglenook fireplaces. The bar has a mirror fitted on the rear wall to reflect the whole room.
We wanted to really go to town on this kit and spent many hours on the exterior finishes. The roof,walls and courtyard are all individual authentic tiles, bricks and stone(over 15,000 in all!).

Enjoyed every minute!! Marian Godsafe, Ashingdon, England