Gino’s Antique Shop

This Sid Cooke Regency Shop box was my first attempt at the 1/12th world. I was immediately impressed by the comprehensive instructions and although I found some parts tricky to assemble, on tlucy12.jpghe whole it went smoothly.

I found it easier to paint individual components before attaching them to the house, the windows in particular would have been impossible had they been glued to the front prior to me getting the paintbrush out. I wanted the exterior to have a ‘rough’ texture, and at that moment in time I had not discovered the amazing stone coating products offered by Charles Products. To create the look I was after I first covered the sides in a thin layer of polyfiller, then when that was almost dry I stippled my yellow paint on. I then tried to get a little ‘arty’ and painted some trailing flowers and foliage around the windows and doors.lucy22.jpg

Inside I pretty much knew how I wanted it to look; I had already spotted a William Morris paper that I absolutely adored, it is called Pimpernel and I thought it would be perfect for my Antique Shop. Together with the green paint (tester pot from Homebase) and the wooden floor, it created just the image I was after.

I had already collected quite a few pieces to go on the shelves and over the years I have added to these. I tried my hand at painting and re-covering a chair; I also tried some of the Phoenix metal kits which really are lovely to paint. I think that Gino, the proprietor has an unusual, eclectic mix of bits and bobs in his shop; and if I were 1/12th then I’d definitely step inside to browse around!

Lucy Titchmarsh , Orwell, England