The Maples

copy-of-country-house-copy.jpgWe bought a 1/24th house as we already had a 1/12th house and of course, space is a premium. This is our third house. We choose this particular house as it was small enough to fit the space we had and had the advantage of having the shops in the basement section.Price was also a factor with nothing coming close for the price. Janice decided that she wanted a flower shop and a pub. We thought this would be a good mix and new fitments were available for both. I bought the Maple Street Country House as a Christmas present for my wife.Why this particular house? Because it gives so much scope. If you purchase the basement you will not only have a house but also two shops as well.

Having looked at what is available in 1/24th and after seeing the finished article in the Maple Street store. I decided that this was the best value for money for a house and shop combined.

It was a straight forward build which anyone who can follow basic instructions could build. Of course the more effort you put in the better the finished article will be.arcade-copy.jpg

The house has lights throughout including the secret room in the archway.

This house and shop should cover all your needs for a 1/24th project and we are very please with our choice.

Tips: Take your time and familiarise yourself with all the parts. Have a dry run holding everything together with masking tape first.I used 3m spray adhesive, which makes paperhanging very easy, but also very costly. Groove out channels for the wiring. Not really necessary in this scale but does make for a neater job. We used modelling cable ties at the back to keep the wiring neat and tidy. Also we used 1/12th plugs and sockets as we found the 1/24th very fiddly.

Alan and Janice Maynard, Turnford, England